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Pump, Pump, Pump Up The Heat: Castor Oil Packs For A Fully Functioning Uterus

Castor Oil is not just your grandmother’s remedy for what ails you. It is used in Chinese Medicine to “warm the uterus,” bringing blood and Qi to your baby making machinery.

Interestingly enough, “Cold Uterus” has been an identified Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) pattern for hundreds of years.  A large percentage of women who come into the clinic present cool to the touch, especially on the skin of the lower abdomen.  (See  Become A Fertility Sleuth: Identifying Your Infertility Diagnosis According To TCM for more on other symptoms of Cold Uterus).

Meredith Nathan, LMT, of Pulling Down the Moon explains why a Cold Uterus is detrimental to fertility success:

“Without enough warmth in the uterus, the follicles may not fully ripen, like a fruit tree that starts to blossom but gets exposed to an early frost. Without the proper yang, the body temperature won’t rise sufficiently after ovulation to support and nurture a growing embryo (if ovulation is able to occur at all). And if the uterus is cold due to lack of blood flow, old dead cells can accumulate (think of a stagnant swamp versus a flowing river). This can cause masses to form, further blocking healthy blood flow, and a vicious cycle is born.”

And guess what? 700 years later, Western Medicine confirmed this pattern. A study in 2016 compared the abdominal skin temperature of fertile women with those struggling with infertility. They found that the abdominal skin temps of infertile women were significantly lower- by an average of 1.65º F. The study surmised that the lower abdominal temperatures were due to poor blood flow to the tissues of the reproductive organs.

So what can you do to warm up the cockles of your baby making organ? That’s where castor oil packs come in. Packs are placed on the skin to enhance circulation and promote proper health of tissues and cells.

To make a castor oil pack, you’ll need the following:
  • A microwavable hot pack (found here)
  • Castor oil (found here)
  • An old towel you don’t mind getting stained
  • Plastic wrap

Watch the video below from fellow acupuncturist Jessica Gross-Mlakar, LAc, for instructions on how to put your pack together.

Place the completed pack over your uterus for 20 minutes each day to pump, pump, pump up the heat and kickstart the spark of life. 

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