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Not all uteruses are created equal. 1 in 20 women have some degree of uterine abnormality. The shape of your uterus can tell you a lot about your fertility. Uterine abnormalities are congenital and occur during fetal development. There is a wide spectrum of uterine abnormality; ranging from arcuate (a slight dip at the top of the uterus) all the way to didelphic, where there are actually 2 separate uteruses and cervix – in rare cases a fetus has grown in each simultaneously.


It is common to not even know you have an abnormally shaped uterus until you have an HSG prior to beginning fertility treatments. Some women report not knowing until their doctors noticed during their c-section. Uterine abnormalities often go undiscussed because they are relatively rare, and women don’t often find out about them until later in life.


If a uterine abnormality is severe enough your doctor may recommend pursuing surrogacy. In this situation, making sure egg quality for cryopreservation is so important. We help women improve egg quality with acupuncture, supplements, and lifestyle changes so that you can have the best chance of success when TTC via surrogacy.