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A large systematic review of past studies found that acupuncture increased the odds of clinical pregnancy by 65% compared with the control groups.

You don't have to do it alone.

Fertility Acupuncture is the missing piece of your success story.

Weekly acupuncture treatments can effectively work with your reproductive system and hormones to impact your physiology in real time.

Treatment allows us to deeply influence egg quality, uterine health, blood circulation and hormonal signaling in a way no other therapy can.

How it works

Blood Flow

Acupuncture increases blood flow and circulation to the ovaries and uterus. Improved blood circulation provides a better environment for the development and implantation of an embryo.

hormone Regulation

MRI reveals that acupuncture prompts observable changes in the brain, the center of your hormone system. Acupuncture helps regulate hormones such as FSH, LH, and cortisol.


 Acupuncture reduces inflammation and increases uterine lining receptivity, while also regulating the body's immune and stress response.

We Get it.

We make babies!

You’ve probably been on quite a fertility journey and have been searching for hope and positive outcomes.

You’re looking for something or someone to help you through the thick of it. 

And you're probably the type of person who thrives when given a clear plan. Your Type A brain loves all the information in one place. 

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That's Where we come in.

We’re acupuncturists who are experts in natural and integrative fertility care.  We have a record of success, and creating babies is what we’re passionate about. We will get you there!

"I am forever grateful to Ghoncheh and Aphrodite for creating an atmosphere in which I was able to feel so supported in my efforts to get pregnant after an ectopic pregnancy.

I found out two months into regular treatments with Ghoncheh that I was pregnant, and I truly think there is no way it would have happened without her and the team at Aphrodite. Being able to have a space in which it doesn't feel like constant pressure to compare yourself to someone else and their journey is a massive relief in any pregnancy experience. I highly recommend working with Ghoncheh and am so glad that I chose to do so myself."

- Isabella G. 

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for almost 3 years with unexplained infertility. A friend highly recommended Aphrodite to me and I couldn’t be happier. This team goes way beyond just acupuncture. I have gotten more answers and insight into what might be going on from them than I have from my fertility clinic.

If I could give the Aphrodite team 1000 starts I would.

Lauren L.

Ready for this to be you?

I traveled from another state to see her and now have a friend doing the same. Long story short - I had a failed embryo transfer and a second surgery to remove endometriosis and was feeling hopeless. I started flying in to see Emily every week before another embryo transfer. I believe her acupuncture treatment, positive attitude, advice (hot water bottle, red light, nutrition recommendations, exercise, and more), and her answering all my questions and keeping me in a good headspace led me to a positive pregnancy test! I will continue to see her and keep recommending her to all of my friends who are on fertility journeys.

Emily has changed my life.

Jill P.

My husband and I were trying to get pregnant for five years. I ended up having to go through IVF, but I don’t think we would have gotten pregnant without the support of Aphrodite Fertility. Emily was with me every step of the way, not only supporting with all fertility questions but helping me mentally cope with the ups and downs of the long infertility journey. I LOVE them! And, I will be forever grateful for their patience, kindness, and expertise.

I cannot even begin to tell you how incredible these women are! 

Mary H.

Patient Love

Low sperm count, poor sperm motility, poor sperm morphology, prostate problems, stress, anxiety, pain,
erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculations, low testosterone, hormone Imbalance, varicocele.

Fertility in Men

Menopause, hot flashes, anxiety, mood disorders, UTIs, yeast infection, gut health, inflammation, pain, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hashimotos, endometritis, constipation, autoimmune disorders, stress, trauma, sadness, high cortisol. 

WOmen's Health

Labor and birth recovery, C-section scar treatment, pain, milk supply, hair loss, postpartum anxiety, postpartum rage, postpartum depression, fatigue, insomnia, iron deficiency, overwhelm, lactation, back pain,  night sweats, mastitis, dry skin, wrist pain, immunity, brain fog, structural imbalances, energy supply, cycle regulation, prolaps, scar tissue.


Morning sickness, anxiety, spotting, cramping, discomfort, depression, heartburn, hemorrhoids, back pain, sciatica, round ligament pain, lightning crotch, threatened miscarriage, placenta previa, placenta accreta, itching, stuffy nose, swelling, rash, vision changes, stress, "happy baby" point, breech, labor induction, cervix ripening, labor support.


Embryo quality, egg quality, sperm quality, stimulation response, medication response, synchronized follicular development, increased blastocyst count, lining thickness, lining receptivity, polyps, unicornuate uterus, acupuncture during FET frozen embryo transfer, support in the two week wait TWW, stress, anxiety.

IVF and IUI support

Infertility, unexplained infertility, irregular cycles, short or long cycles, spotting, light periods, heavy periods, luteal phase defect, PCOS, endometriosis, endometritis, adenomyosis, polyps, fibroids, PMS, miscarriage, recurrent pregnancy loss, low AMH, high FSH, poor ovarian reserve, diminished ovarian reserve, poor egg quality, amenorrhea, holistic fertility, natural fertility support.

Fertility in WOmen

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