A Holiday Gift Guide for the Woke Woman: Top Five Toxin-Free Gifts

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The pursuit of felling well is on the minds of conscious women everywhere and non-toxic products are a way to start cleaning up your act in 2020. Below I’ve listed my top 5 toxin-free gifts and well-woman products for the holidays including those I recommend to all patients when they come into my office and are looking to pursue a more healthful version of themselves.

1. Clean Beauty that Actually Works

By far my favorite clean beauty products come from the Scandinavian non-toxic brand: Kosas. They have amazing pigments for both lips, cheeks and eyes that are better than others on the market. If you want clean beauty at its best, I highly recommend trying them out. You’ll fall in love quickly.

2. Candles That Don’t Poison the Air

A 2009 study found that candles containing paraffin wax emit highly toxic benzene and toluene when burned (both are known carcinogens!!). So finding a paraffin-free candle with a minimalist design and a cozy scent took some digging! Luckily I came across Brooklyn Candle Studio. They makes the most beautiful candles using 100% soy wax derived from American grown soy beans for an eco-friendly, clean burn and lead-free cotton wicks. Better yet, their candles are petroleum-free, cruelty-free, and 100% vegan.

3. The Greatest Non Toxic Cleaning Product You’ll Ever Own

You may be thinking, “do non-toxic cleaning products really get the job done?” And the answer is: yes. Finally there is a toxin-free cleaning brand that actually works (queue the Hallelujah chorus)! The brand is called Branch Basics . This women owned business is taking the cleaning industry by storm and providing the chance to live a life free of the dangerous and often illness provoking chemicals found is cleaning products in most homes. And as a bonus they are significantly less expensive than similar single-use products.

4. An Earring Company With A Conscious

If you know me you know I love a good earring. My favorite designer right now is Larissa Loden . Each piece sold supports a woman-mother-artist owned small business that employs a collective of amazing people. They also donate 5% of their profits to Cookie Cart, a nonprofit teaching teens life, leadership, and small business skills through experience and training in an urban bakery. They’ve also given over $25,000 to causes they care about!

5. A Bone Broth Subscription as a Healthful Obsession

Why are health nuts and celebrity alike fawning over Bone Broth? Because marrow is packed full of nutrients that your body craves. It is rich with vitamins, minerals and collagen to naturally boost your immunity, build your blood, and nourish your skin, hair and joints. I particularly like Erie Bone Broth , used on patients by the famous Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. They are organic, non-GMO and gluten free. Better yet, you can buy a subscription for monthly delivery.

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