Advanced Reproductive Age? Try DHEA.

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Advanced Reproductive Age? Try DHEA.

If you find yourself celebrating the 10th anniversary of your 32nd birthday your doctor may categorize you as of “advanced reproductive age.” ( Even more shockingly, 35 is the age at which your potential pregnancy becomes labeled as “geriatric.” Geeeeze, could they find another word or what?)

But don’t be discouraged. A new study published by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine found that for women of “Advanced Reproductive Age” supplementation with DHEA may augment endometrial function and improve pregnancy rates in natural or assisted reproductive cycles.

DHEA is an endogenous steroid that circulates naturally in the blood and declines with age.  Concentrations of DHEA in women ages 40–50 are half those of women in their 20s.

New findings suggest that DHEA enhances endometrial receptivity by acting as precursor to androgens produced within the endometrium.

Thus, targeted supplementation with DHEA alters endometrial androgen bioavailability and modifies the endometrial microenvironment, enhancing endometrial function and improving pregnancy rates in women of advanced reproductive age.

If you’re 35+ talk to your doctor or naturopath about adding DHEA supplementation to your morning regimen.

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