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Adios Androgens! Using Spearmint To Help Fight PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is marked by excess androgens produced by the theca cells of the ovaries. If you have PCOS I don’t need to tell you how that translates into symptoms like acne, hair in places you’d rather not wax, and periods that come and go when they please.

But a significant study out of Turkey found that drinking a cup of spearmint tea every day can significantly reduce free testosterone in the blood. These results where measured amazingly after only five days of tea-time! Imagine the results after several months.

The Turkish study was followed up a year later by a randomized clinical trial which showed that drinking spearmint tea twice daily for 30 days significantly reduced plasma levels of gonadotropins and androgens in patients with hirsutism associated with PCOS.

Spearmint, or Mentha Spicata, works by binding to and competitively displacing androgens like testosterone from its cellular receptor, thereby mediating the biological effects excess testosterone has on the body.

You can buy good quality spearmint tea on Amazon (make sure its organic). If you prefer a little more punch to your mornings, I like Cup and Kettle’s Moroccan Mint which combines gunpowder green tea and spearmint. Buy Cup and Kettle’s Moroccan Mint from our store to support small entrepreneurs and local tea growers.

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