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How To Pair IVF with Acupuncture to Increase Your Odds of Pregnancy by 65%

In the integrative medical community, it’s a well known statistic that acupuncture increases the success of IVF rates by 65% compared with control groups who did not receive acupuncture as part of their transfer regimen.

So, I get it – Of course you want to do acupuncture to increase your chances, but you don’t know where to start. When do you go in for treatment? How many treatments should you expect? What’s it like?

Well I’m here to guide ya:
At minimum , when going through an IVF cycle, do the following:

  • Receive 1 acupuncture treatment administered between day 6 and 8 of the stimulated IVF cycle.
  • Then have 2 acupuncture treatments on the day of embryo transfer- once before and once after, preferably within a 3 hour window of transfer.

Note that theses are minimum standards. I always ask patients to come in once weekly during their IVF cycle and then three times during the week of the transfer: one day before transfer, and then twice on the day of transfer.

If your acupuncturist specializes in fertility, your experience should be one of calm and precision. Small, painless needles are inserted into points in your legs, arms, head and abdomen for about 40 minutes as you rest in a warm and rejuvenating environment.

Still need some help finding a fertility acupuncturist in your area? You’re welcome to email me. I’d be happy to recommend specialists in your area.

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