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The impact of undergoing IVF treatment is multi-dimensional – mental/emotional, financial, psychological, logistical, and you guessed it – relational. It’s undeniable that fertility treatment can wreak havoc on your relationship. Maybe you and your partner may have very different coping mechanisms. Maybe you’ve had to take out a loan or a second job to pay for IVF. Put all of these stress factors together and you have a recipe for disaster, IF it goes unchecked.

The good news is that even though IVF can create conflict and tension in your partnership, it can also be an opportunity for a closer bond and connection between the two of you. We’ve compiled some key ways to reduce relationship stress while also trying to conceive through IVF.

Communicate – talk to each other, share your fears. Don’t afraid to be vulnerable! The more you open up, the better you’ll feel.
Stay physically connected – sex for fun doesn’t have to be off the table if you’re TTC. Reclaim sex from the grip of infertility! Try to make the effort to make sex enjoyable and less technical again and your relationship will feel stronger.
Allow for differences – you and your partner likely have different ways to process and cope through IVF, and that is perfectly fine.
Remember infertility is not forever – you WILL get your beautiful baby after all of this, and it will be SO worth it when you have your beautiful babe in your arms.