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Most people turn to acupuncture as a last resort after they’ve tried every other type of approach to getting pregnant. However, you may feel some fear about getting acupuncture. This is totally natural; because after all, we are putting tiny needles in the body which can be intimidating to the uninitiated.

If you knew that acupuncture could be the missing link in helping you get pregnant, would you still avoid it?

Our approach at Aphrodite Fertility Acupuncture to use a gentle yet highly effective treatment style that will skyrocket your timeline to getting pregnant by regulating hormones, improving communication between the ovaries and the brain, increasing circulation to the pelvic organs and reducing stress.

Most of our patients actually find our highly specialized acupuncture treatment so calming and provides a level of bliss they can’t get anywhere else. Don’t let your fear of acupuncture get in the way of integrating it into your fertility journey!