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It's Not Forever, It's Just For Now.

Women who walk into my office have been put through the fertility wringer. They’ve had their blood taken enough times they could guide a phlebotomists to their vein blindfolded if they had to. They’ve been poked and prodded, gelled-up and scanned. And they’ve stretched their hope thin, as anticipation each month dissolves with the arrival of another period.

It’s an exhausting roller coaster, but they are willing to try anything. And they’ve caught wind that acupuncture and Chinese Medicine helped friends in the past get pregnant! So they sign up for their first appointment with me.

Now, I’m going to give you some real talk. Acupuncture is not magic . It works off of an accumulation of tiny nuanced cellular communication- regulating hormones, increasing circulation, and directing the body’s attention to areas of stagnation. (For more on how acupuncture works click here).  Acupuncture works in a subtle and steady way- each treatment tricking your body into repair mode, guiding it towards its best form and function, and gently moving your internal physiology so that it is primed for conception. It takes a commitment of time and money. Showing up for weekly treatments, over three to six months takes dedication.

So my question is: Why waste time, money and commitment by continuing a lifestyle that exposes your reproductive tissues to (proven-to-be) harmful substances that reduce your chances of conception success? Like: caffein. Like: coffee. Like: sugar. Like: toxic cleaning supplies and beauty products. If you are trying to conceive you must be on board with lifestyle changes.

Like 100% on board . Like, a commitment to clean living for three to six months and then on through pregnancy.

But REMEMBER, it’s not forever! You can go back to drinking coffee or alcohol after pregnancy. I’m not asking you to never have sugar or gluten ever again. Some of the best pleasures in life are, let’s just say it, not the best things for you. And, guess what? I’m human too, and I get that.

But I’m asking you to make the shift for now. No judgement in loving that hot pink lipstick from Mac, or a Venti Caramel Macchiato. But you must give these things up for this relatively small period in your life if you want to put your all into fertility success. It’s not forever, it’s just for now. So get on board.

If you continue to bath your cells in junk and toxins while trying to conceive, the effects of acupuncture will have to constantly play catchup.

I get that women come into my office exhausted. And adding lifestyle shifts to their routine seems like another difficult and unfair ask. But dig deep. “Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same.” And know that these changes are not forever, they’re just for now.

For a list of lifestyle recommendations, see “Tips” on my instagram page

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