Let’s be honest: facing fertility issues when for most of your life you’ve been avoiding pregnancy can seem cruel and overwhelming. And all that frustration doesn’t do the body good. Studies have shown that women who are more stressed have reduced fertility rates and lower embryo implantation rates. Stress doesn’t escape men either and has shown to affect semen quality as well.

Its imperative to think of your mind as the Buddha of Baby Making. If your Buddha mind is tense and obsessive, your muscles subconsciously contract and interrupt the flow of Qi, blood and hormones to your Uterus. A settled mind relaxes the body’s fight or flight response and allows the natural processes to proceed with fluidity.

However, we understand that keeping yourself settled is easier said then done. Thats why our remedy is threefold:

1. Weekly acupuncture
2. 15 minutes of gentle morning movement
3. 10 minute meditation

Integrating these practices into your life will help give your body and the mind the resources it needs through the ups and downs of your fertility journey. They are available to you at any time!