Working in the integrative fertility biz like we do, we have a ton of resources available for you that we have personally used and vetted ourselves. Aphrodite Fertility recommends only the best fertility-supporting tools to improve egg quality and uterine lining, basal body temperature and real-time hormone trackers, female and male fertility lab-testing kits, deeper lab testing, clean living body care and non-toxic cleaning products on the market.

Not only that but we also offer discount codes for almost every product we recommend because we know how expensive this journey can be, and every penny counts!

Gone are the days where you have to read a ton of reviews and cross-compare to decide if a product is for you. Aphrodite Fertility has all the hot recommendations for you, so check out our Patient Resources page on our website (or the link in our bio) or just ask us! We will not lead you astray.