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Not Sure Where To Begin On Your
Fertility / Pregnancy / Postpartum Journey?

Use these AT-HOME tools to get started.

An easy and affordable fertility hormone test you can use to be proactive about your fertility. Free shipping FSA/HSA reimbursable Linked for $20 off. 

Your very own fertility lab that measures actual values of Estrogen and LH to predict your fertile days, Progesterone metabolite PdG to confirm ovulation and FSH to track your follicle growth.  Linked and use code APHRODITE15 for 15% off.

Understand male factor fertility with a comprehensive semen analysis that tests all key metrics of sperm health. Just like a fertility clinic, but from the comfort of your couch. Option to add sperm freezing. Linked and use code Aphrodite20 for 20% off

Disrupted vaginal microbiomes can cause everything from recurrent infections to infertility. Trouble is, they’re a bit of a black box. That’s why Juno Bio developed a breakthrough test that decodes your microbes while powering up research. APHRODITE for 20% off Linked Kits

Know what’s up down there. Get innovative and integrative vaginal healthcare, powered by our state-of-the-art vaginal microbiome test. Linked here.

VagiBiom® is a customized solution to restore and balance women’s intimate health. Use for BV, pH Balance, Yeast Infection, Vaginitis and UTIs. Use code APHRODITE10 for 10% off here.

Pregmune Reproductive Immunology Assessment.  Get answers for your unexplained infertility, miscarriages and transfer failures. Linked here.

Your Fertility Coach. Healthier. Happier. IVF. Mindful IVF leverages the science of meditation to improve your fertility mental fitness, bringing your mind and body into balance and helps you to achieve a healthy happy IVF. It basically makes you feel good. Linked here

Be Well By Kelly uses a  chemical free extraction process that provides your body with all of your essential amino acids and an abundant amount of naturally occurring collagen and gelatin. Use code APHRODITE for $5 off. 

We highly recommend the following IVF Clinics and their associated doctors : Hanabusa (Carmel Valley) and Pearl Mini IVF (La Jolla).

The following are OBGYNS that patients have spoken highly of: Stacy Hulley (Kaiser), Katheryn Macaulay (UCSD), Anna Mansour (Sharp).

These pelvic floor specialist are great choices for all stages of your fertility, pregnancy and postpartum journey: Thrive Physical Therapy, Verified PT (mobile).

Mental health plays a huge role in the quality of your health journey but especially when dealing with the anxiety of fertility, pregnancy and recovery. These therapists specialize in such areas: Jennifer Mendoza, Golden Tear Therapy.

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