Got Hot Sauce In Your Bag? Maybe Tone Down The Swag For The Next Couple of Months

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Got Hot Sauce In Your Bag? Maybe Tone Down The Swag For The Next Couple of Months: The Best (And Wor

“He that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the skill of the physician.” – Chinese Proverb

Food is medicine. Why? Think about it. You take it three (or more) times a day and it provides chemical compounds that can change the tissues and organs of the body. And without it- you die. So lets take the food we put into our baby-making-machine more seriously.

While Western Medicine categorizes foods according to their chemical makeup, Eastern Medicine factors in their energetic qualities. For example, if you tend to be a dry person- dry hair, dry nails, dry skin…etc, Eastern Medicine suggests staying away from energetically warm foods, including that finger lickin’ hot sauce. Spicy foods dry out the tissues of the body like a desert. If you already tend towards dryness, you’ll want to eat foods that will enrich Yin (fluids) and promote supple tissues and organs so that they can function optimally.

Below I’ve listed several common groups of symptoms we see in the clinic. Based on these symptoms, I’ve listed recommended foods to add to your shopping list (and which to avoid) Find which traits most apply to you and adjust your eating habits accordingly in order to boost your body’s natural nutrient needs.

Symptom set 1: Tendency towards dryness, dry hair, dry nails, dry skin, tendency towards anxiety, restlessness at night, light or scanty periods, hot palms or soles of the feet.

-black beans
-black sesame seeds
-black wood ears
-black berries, blueberries

-string beens
-olive oil
-bone marrow
-goji berries
-black strap molasses

Foods To Avoid:
-hot spices


Symptom Set 2: Puffiness, low energy, low libido, low motivation, low back ache, sore knees worse with cold weather, tendency towards stomach pain or digestive issues.

-fresh ginger

-red meat (organic)
-sweet potato
-raw honey

Foods to Avoid:
-excess sweets
-raw fruits and veggies

Symptom Set 3: PCOS, hydrosalpinx, preference for beer / rich or sweet foods, thick menses blood, irregular periods, excessive vaginal discharge or tendency towards yeast infections

-rice milk
-shitake mushroom

-green tea

Foods To Avoid:
-fatty meat
-nuts and seeds (in excess)

Symptom Set 4: Tendency towards irritability, high stress work or life, PMS and/or breast tenderness, headaches, bloodshot eyes, neurosis, low estrogen levels, LH or FSH under or over production, palpitations, anxiety.

-brussel sprouts
-coffee (one cup a day)


-mustard greens
-sour cherries

Foods To Avoid:

-food colorings
-foods high in saturated fats
-ice cream
-raw veggies (salads)

Symptom Set 5. Endometriosis,  clots, painful periods, uterine fibroid, polyps, fallopian tube blockage, traumas, surgeries.


-azuki beans

-black wood ears

Foods to Avoid:
-all cold foods
-raw fruits and veggies (cook them)
-frozen foods

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