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GTF Off Social Media

I’m going to make this short and sweet. We all know that social media has changed the way we perceive the world- and I’m sure you, like me, have a sneaking suspicion that it’s not the healthiest habit, especially in times of emotional distress. And yet we all sit and scroll..and scroll and scroll.

But Studies show that the more we use social media the less happy we seem to be. Alice G. Walton of Forbes.com wrote a great  article on the subject and concluded “[Social Media] was linked to both less moment-to-moment happiness and less life satisfaction – the more people used Facebook in a day, the more these two variables dropped off…. Rather than enhancing well-being, as frequent interactions with supportive ‘offline’ social networks powerfully do, the current findings demonstrate that interacting with Facebook may predict the opposite result for young adults—it may undermine it.”

But I’m not here to lecture you on why social media leads to discontent, a sense of isolation, and resentment. Deep down, we all kind of already know that.
What I’m here to do is be frank with you:
While you’re going through infertility, Get. Off. Social. Media.

Lets be real: Women will, as they have every right to, continue celebrating their pregnancies, children, and families on social media. So why set yourself up? You’ll end a night of scrolling by making judgements about how you measure up. Why put yourself through that?

I’m not saying quit the internet. In fact read blogs, stay informed and empower yourself with information. Study infertility . The more you know the more you’ll feel like you’re in control of your body and process. Surprise your doctor with your understanding of the options for treatment and why they work.

Join social groups that are in the flesh. I’ve written on the subject before and below I’ve listed some large organizations that are making community more accessible.

General Infertility Support:
RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association
Infertility Meetup
Beat Infertility Podcast

The Ferguson’s Vlog: Men and miscarriage
Carissa Barzee

The PCOS Diva
PCOS Challenge

Endometriosis Research Center
Endometriosis Foundation of America

And lastly, get out and exercise. If I ever find myself incessantly scrolling, I’ll throw my phone down and walk directly outside. Take a deep breath. Move your body if only for a 5 minute walk to break the cycle.

During this time in your life you want to protect your body in the most sacred way. Don’t allow social media to have a vice grip on your emotional health and state of mind. Instead, shut down the screens and do things that lights up your senses.

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