Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby! Three Things To Consider When Trying To Conceive.

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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby! Three Things To Consider When Trying To Conceive.

Salt-N-Peppa knew what was up. Well maaaaaybe fertility wasn’t on their minds when they wrote their 1990’s hit but at least now the song’s in your head, am I right?

Below are some ideas about sex you should really consider when you are hoping to conceive.

1. Duh, Get Down and Dirty Often (But Seriously, Shoot For Once A Day)
Sometimes when caught up in tracking our cycles, we women focus on having sex during the ovulation window only. However, research has shown that couples who have sex once a week have a 15% chance of conceiving in any given cycle, while those having sex every day kick up their chances to 50%. This is most likely due to the variations in timing of hormones. Ovulation predictor kits can be inaccurate, stress levels can swing hormones, and BBT charts can be misinterpreted. So if you have been diagnosed with unexplained fertility or have irregular periods, in order to cover all the inconsistencies, having sex once a day will cover you in the unlikely event that you ovulate on a day during your cycle when you never thought you could.

2. Choose Your Lube Wisely
Scented lubricants are acidic in nature and can decrease the chances of sperm survival. Even most lubricates labeled as “conception friendly” are found to be detrimental to sperm function. A 2014 study in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics found that of nine lubricants claiming to be “fertility friendly,” only Pre-seed® lubricant left sperm with high motility and vitality following lubricant exposure. Eight other brands were found to leave sperm with percentages as low as 28% vitality and 31% motility. Move the following from your nightstand to the trash:

  • Sylk™
  • Conceive Plus®
  • Glycerol
  • Johnson’s® Baby Oil
  • SAGE® Culture Oil
  • Yes®,
  • Forelife™
  • MaybeBaby®

If you’re looking for a fertility friendly lubricant it seems like Pre-seed® is definitely the way to go, with the least negative effect on sperm function.

Beware of trying the more “natural” approach with a little saliva, as it too contains digestive enzymes that can stop sperm from swimming efficiently.

3. Post Coital Cuddle
A 15 minute post coital cuddle is not just recommended for a deeper sense of connection. A study in The British Medical Journal reported that while only 17% of women who got up immediately after intrauterine insemination (IUI) became pregnant, that number jumped to 27% of women who remained lying down after sex. That 10% edge can make a huge difference in makeup of your fertility journey.

And if position is on your mind, you’re not alone, girl. While research is inconclusive, most MDs recommend missionary as a pretty good go-to position; It tilts your uterus down and allows for gravity to help guide the sperm in the right direction. With that said, don’t throw your mojo out the window- If you like sex in all the other fun positions, keep in mind that missionary can be saved for when your guy reaches climax. All the other minutes of sex (hours of sex?, who are we kidding though…) can be played out in any position you want. So in the words of Ginuwine, his saddle’s waiting, jump on it…

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