Meditation For Fertility: Review of Circle & Bloom.

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Meditation For Fertility: Review of Circle & Bloom.

Circle & Bloom is the Hawaii of fertility meditation. Their programs are soothing, lush, and leave you with a sense of blissful relaxation.

Meditation specific to fertility is a powerful tool. I’ve written before about the benefits of mediation in general (see: “Your Body Goes Where Your Mind Flows“) and I like to tinker through the many apps available on the market. But no one is doing what Circle & Bloom is doing for the fertility world: They’ve created guided visualizations to connect your mind to your baby-making-mechanics.

Today, if something goes wrong with your car, what does your mechanic do? He reboots the entire computer system. Similarly, Circle & Bloom meditations reset your brain, rewiring the signals to your reproductive organs.

C & B has over a dozen programs to choose from but I particularly like the Natural Cycle For Fertility Program . The download ($59.00) comes with 28 fifteen-minute meditations.

Why does the number 28 sound so familiar? Because there are 28 days to an ideal menstrual cycle. Each meditation is meant to be listened to in correlation to the day of your cycle. So, on the first day of your cycle (day 1 = first day of period), you listen to Mediation 1. On Day 14, you listen to the 14th meditation. And so on and so forth.

As your body moves through its monthly symphony of hormones and processes, Natural Cycle For Fertility Program trains your brain to “visualize your fertilized egg making its ways through the fallopian tube towards the uterus, while progesterone communicates between your ovary and uterus” and to “visualize your uterus as being full, heavy, round, and delivering the right amount of energy and love for the perfect development of the embryo.”

With anything, the proof is in the pudding. Just read some of their reviews:

Thank you SO much!!! I used the program for a natural cycle for three months after almost five years of TTC (unexplained) – got pregnant on the 4th and had to purchase the pregnancy program ASAP. Thank you for your high-quality programs and great, personal customer service. — Elissa

After only using the Natural Cycle for Fertility program for one cycle on day 29, I got pregnant. I am over excited!!! I think I had stressed myself out so much after trying for nearly two years that all my body needed was to relax – and all thanks to your program it worked. I can’t thank you enough! And I will be telling everyone I know that is TTC to use this program. — Hayley

I purchased the fertility meditation bundle and got pregnant in two cycles, after two and a half years worth of trying! I cannot thank God enough for bringing C+B across my path; it has been one of the biggest missing pieces in my conception journey. — Rebecca

Circle & Bloom is in line with the Eastern traditional medical belief that the mind and body are intimately connected. I say give C & B a full month’s try and see how you feel. ( oh and FYI they offer a 100% money back guarantee) Let me know how it makes you feel after one month. Has it created a sense of lightness? Do you feel like you have more control over your fertility journey? Leave me feedback on how meditation has rewired your fertility destiny.

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