Stop It With The Smoothies

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Stop It With The Smoothies

Skip the smoothies in the morning, ladies. Yes, you heard me. Step away from the blender.

Think of it like this: How would you react if someone dumped a bucket of ice on your head right after getting out of a 98.6 degree sauna session. You would jump and twist with contorted discomfort. All of your muscles would contract. And you’d certainly glare daggers at the person doing the dumping.

Well compare this reaction to your digestive tract getting hit with a blended-up frozen banana and tiny blueberry ice balls.

When we eat ice cold foods our muscle tissue, including those that line the digestive tract, contract, creating blockages and pain, and preventing absorption of essential nutrients. Your digestive system has trouble moving cold through the body. To compensate, more blood and energy is needed to digest food properly – blood and energy that could be used towards keeping your uterus cozy warm and prepped for implantation.

Don’t believe me? Just remember these wise words the next time you get a stomach ache from eating ice-cream or a cold summer salad. Same goes for a smoothie.

Here’s a test to see if you need to leave the smoothies behind:

If you are someone who your friends would describe as “constantly cold,” and you eats a lot of right out of the fridge, raw foods, place your hand on the skin above the uterus. Compare it’s temperature to the skin above the heart. If there is a difference, its time to get rid of those icy smoothies in the morning. They are not helping your cause.

Instead choose warm foods like cooked vegetables and rice, bone broth, and soups. If you MUST have a smoothie in the morning, leave the fruit and veggies out of the freezer so that it’s blended at room temperature. Be nice to your gut already! Its working hard for you.

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