Are Your Cold Feet Preventing You From Becoming Pregnant?

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Are Your Cold Feet Preventing You From Becoming Pregnant?

Are you that person who always needs a jacket? Do people shutter when you touch them with your icy paws? Or does your husband shrink back when you tuck those ice blocks you call feet under his legs at night? Well you might not think anything of it but according to Chinese Medical Theory your icy limbs may play more of a part in your fertility journey than you thought. Called “Yang deficiency,” a tendency towards cold prevents blood and Qi from nourishing the uterus. It stagnates the body’s systems and hinders proper transformation of hormones. Just think, when you’re standing outside in a tee shirt on a snowy day, you naturally start to tense your muscles and hug your arms inward. Well if you are perpetually cold, your body will subconsciously do the same thing- It remains in chronic tension, limiting good blood flow. If you find that your feet are consistently cold, you may also notice that the area above our uterus and your lower abdomen are cool to the touch too.

So you’re chronically cold, now what?
In order to restore proper warmth and circulation to your reproductive organs you need to start by doing three things:

1. Stop eating salads.
2. Warm the area above the Uterus with a heat pack, nightly.
3. Cover those toes.

Stop Eating Salads:
Yes, you heard me. But what I really mean by “skip the salads” is to instead focus on eating warm cooked foods. Here’s why that matters: Raw or cold foods take more energy for your body to break down and warm up to body temperature. Ever wonder why you get stomach aches after eating ice-cream or smoothies? Its because your digestive system is having trouble moving that cold through your body. TO compensate, the body sends more blood and energy to digestion. Blood and energy that could be used towards keeping your uterus cozy warm. Don’t believe me? If you are someone who tends towards cold, and also eats a lot of cold raw foods, place your hand on the skin above the uterus. Compare it’s temperature to the skin above the heart. If there is a difference, its time to get rid of those icy smoothies in the morning. They are not helping your cause. Instead choose foods like cooked vegetables and rice, bone broth, and soups. Subscribe for our next post about recipes for Yang deficient (aka, chronically cold) patients.

Warm the Uterus with a heat pack:
If you don’t have a non-electric heat pack at home, you can buy a super cute one at our store or you can make one at home using a sock and some rice. Pour a bag of rice into a long tube sock, tie the end, and microwave for 1 minutes on high. Lie the sock between your two frontal hip bones, right above the pubic bone for 15 minutes every night. You may even find that the warmth is soothing as you listen to your 10-minute mediation ( see Your Body Goes Where Your Mind Flows for more tips on meditation).

Cover those toes:
I know you’re a super fabulous fashionista, but while you are trying to get pregnant I suggest you glance past your sandals and wear shoes that properly cover your feet. It may seem like a silly simple request, but in Chinese Medicine the root of your Yang, or your vital life force, lies in the feet. If your feet are cold, that force can’t ignite what we call your Ming Men- the fire in your lower abdomen that is the source of all of your energy. Sounds pretty important, am I right? So do yourself a favor, cover up those toes and keep that life fire burning.

Keeping yourself warm means keeping your blood flow in harmony and your uterus flush with nutrients. These small efforts can set up your reproductive organs with an ideal environment for conception.

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