What The Heck Is Bone Broth?: (And Why Are You Making Me Sip On This Gelatinous Soup?)

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What The Heck Is Bone Broth?: (And Why Are You Making Me Sip On This Gelatinous Soup?)

If you’re at all hooked into the wellness scene, you’ve probably already heard people rave about bone broth. It’s made its way onto the celebrity hot list. But bone broth must’ve had a bad PR agent all these years because it has been around for centuries and is just now “hitting it big” in the US.

Making bone broth is a nod to our ancestors’ way of cooking. You slowly simmering the bones and marrow for several days into nutrient dense liquid stock. The longer cook time breaks down the bone, seeping nutrients and minerals into the stock. The supplement-rich liquid contains collagen, gelatin, and glucosamine that are easy on the digestive tract and are said to rebuild the gut. It is particularly good at nourishing the tissues of the body, making it a golden elixir for healthy reproductive organs.

With that said, I can’t seem to get past the texture of bone broth by itself. The collagen makes the stock slippery and much thicker than a casual cup of soup. I couldn’t quite jump on the twice-a-day-cup-of-oil train, even though I knew I was missing out on its marvelous benefits.

That’s why I was so excited to write this post, when, after going to a wellness birthday party this weekend, I came across the company Bonafide Provisions . Not only do they sell organic, non-GMO bone broth, but they also have what they call “Drinkable Veggies.” The bottles look like your common green juice, BUT not so! They are made with bone broth stock! So you can jump up in the morning, get your yummy pre-workout veggie juice in, AND know your are also getting the highly dense magic nutrient benefits of bone broth. Don’t worry, I’m not sponsored by them I just freaking love their product!

Bonafide Provisions sells their product across the country in places like Whole Foods and Sprouts. Check here to find out where you can “stock” up (see what I did there?).

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