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Become Your Own Fertility Guru

For me, 5th grade was the first year boys and girls were reluctantly shuffled into separate rooms to discuss the birds and the bees.

I have a distinct memory of a maxi pad being passed around like it was the plague on display. We knew enough to let out an “ewww” or “yuckkk” but not quite enough to know why that response seemed socially acceptable. And as the years went on, yes, we learned about the vagina and the penis in Sex-ed, but I can’t recall being taught a full biological explanation for why I bled cyclically.

In order to become pregnant, you need a much more thorough understanding of your menstrual cycle. In fact you need to know it like the back of your hand, because, in even the most fertile couples, there is only about a 24 hour period that your body sets up that home run moment for an egg to fertilize. So you must .have an acute awareness of the process. With the right tools you can learn to identify the signs of ovulation, and how to enhance your body’s baby making ability. Don’t forget to subscribe to become an active participant in the process of your fertility journey.

With that said, in my next post I present the education your teachers glossed over. I’ll simplify the jargon so you can visualize the very hard work your body puts in each month to set up successful reproduction. Get ready to become your own #fertilityguru.

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