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Women who enter our office have been put through the fertility wringer. It’s an exhausting roller coaster, but they are willing to try anything. And they’ve caught wind that acupuncture and Chinese Medicine helped friends in the past get pregnant! So they sign up for their first appointment with us.

Then they get our comprehensive fertility protocol which includes some pretty significant lifestyle recommendations (requirements, really) – but still find it hard to be 100% all in. They may show up for their weekly appointments, but don’t do any of the “homework” really required to move the needle and benefit their fertility in a signfiicant way.

If you continue to bathe your cells in junk and toxins while trying to conceive, the effects of acupuncture will have to constantly play catchup.

I get that women come into our office exhausted. And adding lifestyle shifts to their routine seems like another difficult and unfair ask. But dig deep. “Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same.” And know that these changes are not forever, they’re just for now.