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Reversing Early Menopause? PRP For Ovarian Rejuvenation

You may know a friend or family member who recently went through Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy to help heal a nagging injury. Or, maybe, secretly, you’re a Kardashian fan and know about the famous “Vampire Facial” featured on their show. Or perhaps your local med spa is advertising regrowth of hair loss using a new injectable platelet treatment.

Whether its your neighbor, a celebrity, or a high profile athlete, Platelet Rich Plasma treatments are growing in popularity among doctors and patients alike, as research continues to show that platelet injections can stimulate regeneration of tissue.

And the fertility community is taking notice. The thought is, if Platelet-Rich Plasma is capable of regenerating damaged skin, muscles, and bones, then perhaps it can also regenerate the ovary.

Well a 2015 Chinese study ignited the spark. In the small trial, 5 women with thin uterine linings were able to conceive after one treatment of intrauterine PRP. Around the same time, a Greek fertility clinic tested the ovarian response to PRP injections on various stages of menopause as well as those with uterine complications. Their study used over 180 women between the ages of 34 and 51 and the results were frankly amazing. According to the lead MD, Dr. Pantos, there were identifiable change in hormonal patterns, reactivation of menses and egg production in about two thirds of the cases.

And even more astounding than that, Dr. Pantos writes, is that “women who have been in menopause, whose ovaries aren’t working, who’ve ceased to produce follicles — they’re ovulating.” Once the women start ovulating, Dr. Pantos then sends them to an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) center for artificial insemination.

The Greek findings caught the attention of US based fertility researcher Dr. E. Scott Sills. He has since started clinical trials in the United states under name Innovium . Its the world’s first “Ovarian Rejuvenation” trial using Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy.

The study is limited to 50 women who are currently in menopause and have had at least one failed IVF cycle. Participants will undergo inter-vaginal ultrasound guided PRP Injections in both of their ovaries and are required to commit to a full IVF session at the facility.

If you are interested in joining the trial, you can enroll here:

See Dr. Sills speak on PRP and Ovarian Rejuvenation below.
If you don’t happen to qualify for the trial, Dr. Hugh Melnick of Advanced Fertility Clinic in New York City has already started offering the ovarian PRP treatment for his patients. He provides Skype consultations to those not based in the NYC area.

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