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Have you had an unsuccessful IVF cycle and are wondering what to do differently next time? Are you considered a “poor responder”? We recommend asking your doctor about priming protocols.

Priming is when there is medication used in the cycle before the stim cycle.

Estrogen priming is a protocol used during IVF to facilitate a more gradual and coordinated growth of follicles in the ovary in women with diminished ovarian reserve (DOR). … This helps to improve the outcome of the IVF cycle in patients who respond poorly to traditional IVF protocols

Testosterone priming: The use of testosterone gel improved the quality and number of oocytes as well as the number and quality of embryos and consequently the fertility rate.

Long Lupron: Long Lupron protocol involves taking birth control pills, followed by taking Lupron for one week at which time the pills are stopped and Lupron continued until the FSH injections start. Lupron is then used in conjunction with FSH injections until the HCG trigger shot. This is usually used to suppress early ovulation in DOR patients.