How to commit to weekly acupuncture treatment

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We require all of our fertility patients to come in for weekly treatment since hormone levels change day to day and week to week – we want to be able to work with those changes to help get you pregnant faster. Maybe you feel some hesitance in making yet another weekly and financial commitment.

We get it. Your calendar is slammed with work meetings, life obligations and social events…it can often feel challenging to add in yet another commitmentlike acupuncture on the weekly schedule.

We encourage you to try to reframe your weekly treatments as something you look forward to, a non-negotiable time on your calendar that is just for YOU to receive focused care and support, and to view it just as you would something important in your life.

Besides, when else do you get to lie down and nap to relaxing music for 30+ minutes with zero interruptions?

Yeah…we thought so 🙂

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