Understanding the Link Between Follicular Development and Progesterone Levels: Essential Tips when TTC

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One of the critical aspects of reproductive health is the relationship between follicular development and progesterone levels. Let’s explore why follicular development is crucial for your progesterone levels and what actionable tips you can take to optimize your levels. First, we’ll start with the fundamentals:

What is Follicular Development?

Follicular development refers to the phase of your menstrual cycle during which follicles in the ovary mature. It begins on the first day of your period and lasts until the release of an egg (ovulation). Each follicle contains an egg, and typically, one follicle will become dominant and fully mature to release an egg.

The Role of Progesterone in Conception

Progesterone is a hormone released after ovulation during the luteal phase of your menstrual cycle. Its primary role is to prepare the uterine lining for a potential pregnancy and support early pregnancy through week 10, at which time the Placenta takes over. Adequate levels of progesterone are crucial as they help maintain a conducive environment for the fertilized egg to implant and grow.

The Connection Between Follicular Development and Progesterone Levels

The quality and health of the follicular phase directly impact progesterone production. Here’s how:

  • Corpus Luteum: After your dominant follicle releases your egg, it collapses and becomes what’s called the corpus luteum. A healthy corpus lutuem is in charge of secreting progesterone to support a pregnancy. Therefore, a more robust follicular development, the higher levels of progesterone secreted, and the more stable the potential pregnancy.

Our Tips to Enhance Follicular Development and Progesterone Levels

  1. Monitor Your Cycle: First, let’s just make sure you know whether your progesterone is even adequate enough. Understanding your menstrual cycle can provide insights into your follicular health. We highly recommend using the Inito Fertility Tracker to monitor your hormones throughout your cycle.
  2. Increase the circulation to your ovaries during your follicular phase: The robustness of your follicular development stems from getting Follicular Stimulating Hormone (FSH) from where its made (the Brain) to your Ovaries. This hormone must travel through the blood to get to where its needed. So by increasing circulation to your abdomen, you can increase the amount of FSH that your ovaries receive. So how do you increase circulation? Acupuncture (book now), Sauna, Fertility Friendly Exercise, and a heat pack on your lower abdomen each night.
  3. Try A Diet free of Processing Chemicals: Nutrition plays a pivotal role in hormonal balance. Focus on foods free of processing chemicals like: Emulsifiers (Gums), Soy Lecithin, “Natural” Flavors, or Sweeteners like Stevia and Monk fruit. A phenomenal book on the impact of processed foods is Ultra-Processed People: The Food We Eat That Isn’t Food.
  4. Supplement Wisely: Certain supplements like Vitex, B vitamins, and Coenzyme Q10 have been found to support follicular growth and improve egg quality. However, book an appointment fwith us first before choosing which supplements are best for your case.


Understanding the interplay between follicular development and progesterone levels can significantly impact your TTC journey. By taking proactive steps to support your body’s natural processes, you optimize your chances of a successful pregnancy. Remember, every woman’s body is different, so personalized advice from a healthcare provider is always recommended.

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